Trade Shows

If you attend trade shows or conventions, either as an exhibitor, buyer, or sales person, you do a lot more standing and walking each day than you would do during a normal week at the office. And, you’re probably all too familiar with the phrase “my feet are killing me”.

With Trade Show Shoes™, you’ll never have to say this again. Guaranteed.

Your Trade Show Shoes™ will help keep you pain-free, allowing you to get the best return on investment from your trade show or convention attendance:

  • Stay comfortably on your feet longer
  • Cover more ground and be more productive without pounding foot pain
  • Concentrate on making sales instead of suffering from aching feet!

Trade Show Shoes™ are specially designed to eliminate most foot pain, foot fatigue, and back pain caused by hours of walking and standing at trade shows and conventions.

The revolutionary Trade Show Shoes™ are the brainchild of a man who has literally walked a thousand miles at trade shows and conventions. After years of suffering through foot pain, back pain, and aching feet, he set out to find a solution to what was causing most of the problems –– the repetitive contact made between the floor and the feet.

Trade Show Shoes™ feature a Virtual Floor™, which effectively eliminates most of this contact from every step and replaces it with a soft, stable and ultra comfortable foot pocket. This greatly reduces the fatigue and pain of standing and walking during a trade show or convention.

Trade Show Shoes™ are a breakthrough in footwear design that are guaranteed to eliminate most foot pain, foot fatigue and back pain. Discover the difference!