Teachers, like other hard working vocations, spend most of their work day on their feet. Like anyone that spends their work day on their feet, teachers experience pain in their feet, knees, and backs. Now there are dress shoes that are as comfortable as walking or running shoes, but look great with the attire that teachers must wear on the job.

These dress shoes were originally created specifically for people that exhibit or attend Trade Shows or Conventions, who spend 12 to 14 hours each day on their feet. The creators of these very special shoes were in the Trade Show business for many years and continually suffered foot and back pain. When they retired from the business they decided to create dress shoes that could eliminate the problems caused by being on their feet all day in their work place. The comfort dress shoes that were finally introduced in 2009 have many special features. One of the features softens the contact between the foot and the floor, eliminating “heel strike” which is the base cause of all foot and some back discomfort. Another feature creates a special “comfort pocket” inside of the shoe, which delivers comfort that can’t be found in any other dress shoe. Additionally, there is a feature that reinforces “upright stability” which helps to keep feet in the correct posture.

The same revolutionary blend of style and comfort is now available for teachers! In the testing we have performed, we found that teachers also suffered foot and back discomfort caused by the long hours on their feet. We have tweaked the trade shoes shoes features and now have introduced the “teachers comfort shoes”. You will find the comfort to be unlike anything that you have experienced in the past with any dress shoe and you will find that these special feature shoes can actually eliminate much of the foot and back discomfort that is normally associated with your occupation. The best part is that these “teachers comfort shoes” give up nothing in the style and fashion department. They will look great with your teachers attire.

The teachers shoes are hand crafted in Italy, and made from the finest Italian leather. With a little care, these dress shoes will look great and deliver unmatched comfort for many years. Each pair comes complete with:

  • Shoe Trees to keep the shape and sizing consistent
  • Special Leather Cream and Conditioner to keep the leather soft, supple and looking new
  • Special Leather Brush to use in polishing the fine leather surfaces

Get the best of both worlds: be comfortable and pain-free without sacrificing style!