specialty work shoes

At SFI, we recognized that there are certain markets that remain dramatically underserved as it relates to footwear that is suitable for the work individuals in these markets do. We do not compete in the retail market and it is not our intention to attempt to compete in the “low price” marketplace. By staying above this fray, we can focus solely on creating footwear programs for people that need special features in the footwear that they buy. SFI is the foremost designer of specialty work shoes in the country. We do not make or sell shoes which you would find in the normal retail channels. Our products are designed specifically for use in markets where the regular “off the shelf” brands and styles are just not good enough.

Our specialty work shoes, for both men and women, are good looking and look especially great with business casual and formal business attire. This is especially important for those who favor running shoes for comfort at trade shows, but need to balance comfort with professionalism. Business to business trade shows are still where professionals meet with other professionals and the exhibitors and attendees needed to look professional in their business casual attire.