Shoes That Relieve Foot, Leg, Knee and Back Pain

There are many occupations were workers are on their feet for most of their work day. Folks like Nurses, Waitresses, Sales People, Hair Dressers, Automotive Mechanics Trade Show Exhibitors, Construction Workers and many more. In all cases, these occupations tend to come with foot, leg, knee and back pain caused by the long, hard hours of standing and walking during the work day. Feet are most prone to work place related foot pain because of the amount of pressure placed upon them.

The USA national average weight for males is 191 pounds. (many male workers are much heavier but that is the overall average for men). If you will envision a solid block of steel weighing 191 pounds, placing downward pressure on your feet, It is easy to understand that standing and walking all day on the job simply must take a toll on the feet. Of course, because our feet have become accustomed to supporting our weight, over time, we do not experience foot and back pain during a normal day. But a good number of those whose occupations involves a great deal of standing and walking, do experience foot, leg, knee and back pain. For those with these occupations, this is why, it feels so great, after a long, hard day on the job, to remove their shoes and get off their feet.

Your foot, leg and back pain may be the result of your occupation, where you are requited to pull, push twist, lift, and stand on hard surfaces for many hours. It all starts with your feet.


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Short term causes of foot, leg, knee and back pain are certainly not pleasant, but it is the long term effects on feet, legs, knees and backs of occupations that cause us to spend most of our work day on our feet, which can lead to lasting discomfort and sometimes serious problems.


There are some things that can be done to help ease and even eliminate the pain cause by those that must stand and walk, on the job, for most of their work day.

  1. Find another occupation! This is not always easy to do. Especially of you have spent years of training to become proficient at your occupation.
  2. Take frequent breaks from those long, hard hours of standing and walking during the work day. This is also not usually easy to do. Frequent breaks will help, but will not eliminate these foot, leg, knee and back problems.
  3. Learn to stand and walk properly. Practicing good posture and balance, will help to keep the bone and muscle structures in their strongest position. This takes some real practice, constant dedication, plus some solid instructions from Orthopedic specialists or other professionals

THE SIMPLE AND EASY ALTERNATIVE – All of those initiatives above can help, but there is also a very simple step that you can take. Select Shoes That Relieve Foot, Leg, Knee and Back Pain.

All Foot, Leg, Knee and Back pain stem from the feet. Your feet are your base. Standing in place, walking, and bending all begin at the feet. Stable, balanced and comfortable posture are dependent upon foot comfort and stability. Many people choose the absolutely wrong footwear for their work place. Too many people choose to wear inexpensive footwear which offers absolutely no protection, stability, posture control, and comfort. Some examples:

WHEN DRESS SHOES ARE REQUIRED ON THE JOB – People that work at occupations that require them to wear DRESS SHOES, while on the job, seem to have the most difficult time choosing the proper shoes. These are folks who are Exhibitors at trade shoes and conventions, Waiters and Waitresses, Hair Dressers and Barbers, Department Store Sales Consultants, Casino Dealers or floor personnel, Etc. These folks must wear Dress Shoes which conform to business casual or semi formal attire. Good orthopedic footwear can certainly help, but most really good orthopedic footwear does not conform in any way to “dress shoes”. If a dressy orthopedic shoe can be found, the price tag is normally extremely expensive. Now there are Dress Shoes available at a very modest cost. The “Trade Show Shoes” or Casino Dealers Shoes are “dress shoes” which are designed to create total stability and extremely solid posture, when standing in place, and will also eliminate the “heel strike” from virtually every step. These special Dress Shoes have very special patented features which make them the most comfortable and posture improving Shoes available, anywhere, at any price. The results of wearing these special SHOES have been nothing short of spectacular. To fully understand the full details of special dress shoes, click on Trade Show Shoes.

FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC – The footwear for an automotive mechanic / technician needs to have some very special features. The automotive mechanics environment is extremely demanding. These workers are on their feet throughout the work day. Their work space is normally built on concrete floors. Their work causes them to change positions many times during any of the many procedures they perform. They encounter wet surfaces, and in many cases, their footwear comes into contact with lubricants and chemicals, some of which are caustic. A very high percentage of automotive mechanics will purchase “cheap” shoes or use old worn out shoes, simply because they know that their work place will destroy them very quickly.

Loose, uncomfortable shoes that offer little or no stability, will cause foot pain almost from the first day they are worn. The foot needs a solid base, and a stable and secure pocket to hold the foot in stable confirmation. Without a stable platform and secure foot pocket, the mechanic is going to need to try to stabilize the foot himself, thus causing strain on both the muscles and bone structure, which will ultimately cause foot pain. The instability of footwear will also create added strain on the leg, foot and ultimately the back. Instability in the work shoe will also create poor posture which also leads to foot, leg knee and back pain. It is not the work being done that causes the pain, it is the instability and poor posture of the person doing the work. While it is impossible for footwear alone to completely eliminate all causes of foot, leg, knee and back pain, choosing a shoe that has many special features created specifically for the working mechanic / tech, will certainly help. There is no reason to suffer foot, leg, knee and back pain caused by a poor work shoe platform. Now there is a work shoe that will create a comfortable, protective and stable footwear base for the automotive mechanic / tech. The Mechanics Shoes. For complete details, click on Mechanics Shoes.


Soon to be announced will be special shoes for other occupations. Next up on our list will be work boots for the CONSTRUCTION WORKER. Each new design will contain special features created specifically for the type of work being done by that occupation and the work place where their work is done. Watch for our introduction of special work shoes for your occupation!

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