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Trade Show Shoes™ Men’s Marco Brown contain three very special features, which combine to offer the most comfortable pair of shoes that you will ever place upon your feet. In addition, these shoes are capable of eliminating most of the “heel strike” (this is the contact with the floor that does the most damage and causes the most pain) and also a high percentage of the other contact between the floor and your feet.

These shoes are pure comfort, without sacrifcing anything in the style department. They are designed, manufactured and hand finished in the hills of northern Italy by master craftsmen. The extremely soft calf leather upper with an even softer lining and state of the art padding will provide your feet with an unparallel sensation of well-being and ultimate comfort. You will hardly notice the surface on which you are walking. The exceptional and patented outsole, a great technological innovation in footwear development, eliminates most of the heel strike even from the hardest floors and offers buoyancy you never thought possible in a pair of shoes. The comfort created by these special shoes will also have a positive effect on your legs and back. Beyond the comfort and ability to eliminate trade show foot pain and discomfort, these shoes look great with any business casual or formal business attire. At the end of the day, you will know that you have finally found footwear that can make a difference at trade shows and conventions. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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