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“Mechanics Brand” – High Quality Work Shoes For the Automotive Service & Repair Industry. Don’t buy a generic work shoe when you can have a work shoe created just for the work that you do and the work space where you do your work.

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These work shoes/work boots have several very special features not found in other work shoes or work boots built especially for automotive mechanics, at any price. These are the lightest weight work shoes available while offering unsurpassed protection, long life and easy cleaning. Find out why auto mechanics should not wear generic shoes.

The SFI work shoes/work boots for mechanics contain special features created specifically for the automotive mechanic. The company, Specialty Footwear International, spent two years developing and testing these high quality work shoes with a select group of working mechanics. These work shoes are built for folks that are on their feet all day  This test and development group were from many different segments of the automotive service and repair industry, including vehicle dealerships, independent service and repair shops, quick lubes, muffler shops, tire installers, fleet specialists, and truck repair centers. We tested each of the features created for these work shoes with some part of this group. The result is a special work shoe/work boot that will out perform every other work shoe or work boot specifically built for the automotive mechanic. These are not work shoes for the contractor, farmer, electrician, plumber or grocery store clerk. These are work shoes/work boots for the mechanic.

Good work boots for mechanics – For these hard working mechanics, these special work shoes/ boots will perform like no other work shoes we have tested. Each feature of the “Mechanics Footwear Brand” work shoes/work boots were built into the mechanics shoes based upon the response from the mechanics test group. The final result is comfortable work boots that have the features needed to give the mechanic a work shoe that is comfortable, durable and can stand up to the mechanics work space. These Special Features Of The Mechanics Shoes Are Listed Below.

Extremely comfortable – They include a special “comfort’ pocket” where the foot rests inside of the shoe. This comfort pocket contains two cushion inserts in the outsole for twice the cushioning effect of any generic work shoe. The comfort pocket also offers side panels, which consist of two separate ultra soft leather panels which add to both support and extra foot comfort. Comfort is a relative thing, but working mechanics are going to find these work shoes offer much more comfort than any generic work shoe.

2.Water and chemical resistant – No work shoe or boot made of full grain leather can be 100% waterproof, simply because leather breaths naturally, but our Mechanic Work Shoes are as close to water proof as is possible and along with our extra set of inserts, will insure that the mechanics feet are going to stay drier than any generic shoe or boot can offer. Dry feet mean less swelling and less foot fatigue at the end of a long hard day.

3. Extremely stable – Foot, leg and back stability are super important for the mechanic because he is standing on his feet for most of the work day, does a lot of bending, kneeling and has to use his feet and legs for leverage many times during his shift. We have created features that promote stability. These features cause the mechanic to stand more upright in his shoes and promotes less side to side wobble. This tends to ad a great deal of stability plus insures that the foot is not easily bent or twisted which is the main cause of foot and ankle damage.

4. Super fitting USA sizing – Our mechanics shoes are USA foot sized to exact USA specs and our shoes are made on very specific “lasts” molded to USA spec sizing. Our mechanics work shoes will be the exact same size as any pair of the top brand of walking or running shoes, like Nike or New Balance.  We offer full and half sizes in both medium width(regular) and wide width for a better overall fit.

5. Easy to keep clean – Regular cleaning for leather work shoes is extremely important. Leather, even the best leather, can’t withstand a bath in some of the harsh, caustic chemicals which are normally found in the mechanics work place. We pre treat our full grain leather with a super chemical resistant coating, but that coating must be wiped clean regularly to keep these caustic chemicals from penetrating the leather surface. A simple wipe down of the Mechanics Work Shoes water and any decent detergent will keep the leather looking great and help to keep your Mechanics Work Shoes on the job longer than generic work shoes.

6. Slip Resistant – No work shoe is 100% slip proof. The Mechanics shoes have a very special outsole and tread design which makes them as slip proof as is possible, depending upon the work floor surface and the water and chemicals found on the work place floor.

7. Lighter than all other work shoes – All of the materials used in the manufacture of the mechanics work shoes are the lightest possible while still being strong and can withstand the toughest daily workouts on the job. We have also eliminated the steel toes, which cause work shoes to be heavier than necessary, tend to unbalance the shoes, and are prone to cause back fatigue.  We have replaced Steel with High Impact Plastic inserts which are every bit as strong as steel, but only a small percentage of the weight. Our Plastic toe inserts offer the same safety as steel with-out the added weight and decreased balance of steel toes.

8. Built to last – Unlike most work shoes, the Mechanic Work Shoes are built to last. They are made from the best leather and all components for the assembling of the mechanic work shoes are manufactured in North America.  The workmanship is the best and the machinery used in the manufacturing of these special shoes is “state of the art.” These Work shoes, with proper care and cleaning, will last two more times longer than generic work shoes.

9. Non Generic – The Mechanic Work Shoes are specifically designed for the automotive mechanic and the work that they do. There is nothing “generic” about the Mechanic Work Shoes. Every feature built into these work shoes was designed for the mechanics work place. A generic work shoe is made for all sorts of occupations. The Mechanic Work Shoes are a special work shoe designed specifically for the automotive mechanic.

10. Odor Elimination – A special lining in these work shoes will help to force any moisture down to the insert which can be removed and replaced daily with the second pair of inserts which are packaged with every pair of the Mechanics Work Shoes. Starting each day with a completely dry work shoe will help to eliminate all sorts of foot diseases including fungus and dry work shoes are 100% more comfortable.

11. Leather Aging Corrective– this is a feature that is exclusive to the mechanics shoes. All leather will stretch with continued use and when that happens the internal sizing of the foot pocket can expand. When this happens, the foot is no longer held firmly in place inside of the shoe and foot “wobble” can take place. When “wobble” happens, the foot and shoe are no longer stable and this is when ankle and leg problems can happen. The Mechanics Shoes/Boots “Amor Guard” system locks the leather components in place which substantially cuts down on the possibility of any stretching of the foot pocket, which in turns helps to eliminate the possibility of “wobble.”

SIZING – USA standard sizing – from 7.5 to 14  in full or half sizes. All sizes are offered in Medium (normal) and Wide widths.

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