How To Ease Foot Pain

People wonder why their fee hurt at the end of the day but they do not realize that the feet bear the weight of the body. The longer you stand on your feet the heavier the load gets. This puts a strain on the feel, the joints, and the ligaments.

Doctors suggest a stretching regimen for the calves be completed twice a day for those who experience foot pain. This helps to relive the tightness in the muscles as well as pain in the foot and the ankle. Putting your feet up higher than your heart along with massaging the feet can help relieve the pain.

For women who wear high heels they are causing more distress on the feet because the weight is on the balls of the foot. If you have to dress up instead of the skinny heels try wearing heels that are wider. The best shoes for aching feet are those that distribute the weight evenly.

While orthopedic shoes can be the best shoes for aching feet, they may not be necessary. You may need to change your shoe size, as you get older as that over time the feet tend to get bigger. You should re-measure your feet when buying new shoes to make sure that you buy ones that not only fit right but also are comfortable.

The best way to relieve foot pain is to lose weight. For every pound of weight you lose, you are taking three to four pounds of pressure off your feet.

The best shoes for aching feet are ones that are comfortable, distribute the weight evenly, and give your feet the best support.

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