Casino Dealers

There is now a pair of dress shoes that will eliminate foot pain, leg pain and back discomfort for casino dealers and others that work the casino floors in casinos all over the world.

Yours is a unique occupation which requires you to stand in place for long hours during your chosen vocation. The worst part is that:

  • You have to wear dress shoes that look good with the casino uniforms or casino required attire. We all know that dress shoes, while looking fashionable, are the most uncomfortable of all foot wear.
  • You have to stand in place on padded carpet. We know that the carpet would seem to help the foot pain problem, but in truth, standing in place on thick carpet is a bad platform for the feet. Because the carpet is soft and not concentrically flat, the foot tends to lean from side to side because the platform is uneven, which causes the feet and legs to be in less than upright posture, which in turn can cause hip and back discomfort.

Most foot, leg, hip and back pain starts right there where the feet meet the floor. The casino dealers shoes have the ability to eliminate all or most of this discomfort caused by your vocation.

Specialty Footwear has been working with folks that have to stand in place and or walk for long hard hours during their work and has invented casino dealer shoes for men and casino dealer shoes for women that can eliminate all of these problems. Our shoes, for both men and women, have been perfected over time by working with people in selected niche groups, such as doctors, hair dressers, floor sale personnel, waiters, and others who all spend most of their work day standing or walking. In our testing process we also discovered that people that work in casinos experience this foot and back pain problem, so we have now tweaked a pair of our dress shoes so that they are specifically designed for casino dealers who stand in place on carpeted surfaces for all or most of their work day. There are no dress shoes like these anywhere. These shoes were specifically designed for casino dealers and others that have casino floor jobs that keep them on their feet for most of their work day.

The Casino Dealer Shoes are made from the finest leather components and are manufactured by master craftsmen in Italy. Some of the special features of these shoes are patented. The look of these shoes compare well with any of the high end fashion dress shoes found in better department stores, and the comfort is unmatched by even the best of the best walking or running shoes.

These shoes will conform specifically to your feet in just a few wearings and there is no break in period needed. There are components in these shoes that are designed to self adjust to your feet until the confirmation of the inside of the shoe fits the foot perfectly. There are also components built into theses shoes which will allow the shoes to stretch or contract up to a half size to accommodate the normal swelling of feet which is caused by standing in place for long periods.

These shoes will not eliminate foot degeneration, or foot deformities. They can’t undo years of poor foot health, but they can eliminate the foot pain and back discomfort which is caused by the long hard hours on your feet during you normal work day, from this day forward.

These shoes are made to exact USA size specifications, so order your normal size. Remember, these shoes will adjust to your feet and have the ability to self adjust to accommodate for moderate normal swelling.

Since these are fashionable dress shoes which were designed to look great with any business casual, formal business, or casino uniform attire, there will not be a problem with wearing them at your work place.