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Welcome to
Specialty Footwear International!

Specialty Footwear International is a unique company that seeks to provide footwear solutions to those working in specific industries. If you spend most of your work day on your feet, you know the issues – aching feet, back pain, wear and tear on your knees – and you’ve likely tried all sorts of things to alleviate these problems. Specialty Footwear International is dedicated to creating footwear designed specifically to combat the issues experienced by people in vocations that require them to be on their feet all day. Teachers, mechanics, and those who attend trade shows all spend much of their time at work on their feet, but that doesn’t mean they all have the same solutions.

Specialty Footwear International has created shoes made specifically for individuals in each of these industries, and designed to combat the unique issues each experience. Our Mission Statement encapsulates our intent, and I hope will encourage you to view the rest of the site and contact us today!

“We create special featured footwear for consumers that have special ambulatory needs which are not addressed by footwear which is available from the retail community.”

With shoes from Specialty Footwear International, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style. Keep yourself free of pain even if you’re on your feet all day at work! Shop Online Now!